What is IMCCD

In Cambodia, approximately four to six millions of landmines scattered during the civil war still remain.  Landmines can be found from farmland, residential area, empty land, and forest, and an extensive demining is crucial.  The IMCCD's base for demining activity is in Tasaen village, Kamlieng district, Battambang province, where was a heated battle zone that Pol Pot forces lastly fought at, and thus, especially the village was heavily contaminated with landmines.  Reformation of this area has been delayed due to the contamination, rendering the area poor affecting the villagers' life. 

One of our main projects in Tasaen village is to facilitate community-involved demining activity.  Demining is, of couse, a dangerous operation and supposed to be handled by a well trained specialist.  However, we are aiming at providing a job opportunity and demining training to the villagers, and eventually, enabling them to perform independently.  Thus, we believe the villagers gain the capability of decreasing the number of landmine victims, eliminating poverty, and promoting reformation of the area in the future.

In addition to the demining project, our other activities of spreading "seeds of independence" include constructing wells and schools, running a Japanese language school, donating wheelchairs, enhancing the business environment by introducing Japanese commercial companies to the village, developing the local industry by producing potato-based vodka (or Japanese "Shochu") made of cassava, and supporting students for studying abroad.

We are striving to build an environment in the village that everyone can hold a hope of life in mine-free land. 
Prospectus for establishment

1. Prospectus
Negative heritage such as landmines and unexploded ordnance left during the past wars/conflicts still remain around the world.  On a humanitarian basis, these unwanted materials need to be disposed for reformation of the affected area.  With expertise in demining gained during my time in Japan Self-Defense Forces, I, Ryoji Takayama, determined to establish this organization to engage with the locals and to train them so that they will be able to work on demining operation while supporting them in building a safe living and farming environment, in improving productivity, and in reforming the area to help them drive the community independently.  Furthermore, this organization will promote a mutual and amicable relationship in the international perspective, and raise awareness of the peace building concept internally and externally.
2. Background
After my retirement from Japan Self-Defense Forces in May 2002, I was involved in Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) for clearance of landmines/unexploded ordnance and reconstruction assistance in Cambodia for nine years (until December 2010).  On 16th January 2011, a meeting of promoters was held in Matsuyama city.  Receiving a unanimous agreement, the necessity of activity in close engagement with local communities in Cambodia as well as Japan was emphasized.  On 1st February, I returned to Cambodia to meet with pertinent authorities and they agreed with the necessity of our activity in Battambang: community-involved demining; support for capacity development for the community; and mutual and amicable relationship building.  On 19th March, a unanimous agreement was reached during a founding general meeting and an application for the organization establishment was submitted.

19th March 2011